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May 25 12 4:19 PM

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So this weekend I decided to play in a Philadelphia softball tournament this weekend. I figure I ain't got too many yrs left to play and I hate the giant gaps in my league's schedule.

It's a Hodge Podge of warm bodies to be sure and we won't go far - I'll bet the mortgage on it.

And yet when they called I said yes. Why? Like I said I hate the long gaps in my league's regular schedule and I got a "thing" in my swing where my timing is a little too early that I want to work on. Really that's about it. And b/c of this I'll be getting up around 6AM - First pitch is at 8AM.

Sometimes I really can't believe my self.

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May 25 12 8:04 PM

Re: Memorial Day Softball

That's cool. Enjoy the games! I only play if we can keep a keg in the dugout

A friend of mine recently invited me to play in an adult kickball league. I was going to
do it, if for no other reason than to meet new people, ie. women, but then I found out
the registration fee was $104. I'm too cheap to committ to that without a guarantee of

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